Constructing Home For Our Texas Families

We love creating mixed-use facilities—blending retail and residential spaces poses a challenge with a massive pay off to the community at large. If you do it right, the effects one project has on a neighborhood can be massive. The Chicon was exactly that—a mixed-use space housing retail shops at ground level and condominiums above. We enjoyed building such a substantial and pivotal component to the renewal of East Austin.

The Details

Form and function come into play when you’re tasked with building a mixed-use facility that combines commercial and residential property. It’s important to understand the needs of your tenants to create a happy and cohesive relationship between the two. In the end, we collaborated with the architecture firm Hatch + Uland Owen to create a 53,307 square foot space that seamlessly blends 8,500 square feet of retail space on the ground level while hosting 43 gorgeous condominiums above.


1341 W. Mockingbird, Suite 600W
Dallas, Texas 75247
(817) 952-3270


3330 Caseybridge Court
Austin, Texas 78744
(512) 326-4223


8706 Lockway St.
San Antonio, Texas 78217
(210) 655-1031


7904 N. Sam Houston Parkway W, #100
Houston, Texas 77064
(713) 996-9510


315 S. Hwy 146 Frontage
Baytown, Texas 77520
(281) 839-7171

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