A never ending focus on safety is at the heart of everything we do as a company

We believe on every job site, safety comes first. Since 2006, we’ve won more than 100 safety awards. For us, it’s not just about staying on task or meeting government requirements – it’s about making sure our family members can keep plying their trade, building projects and careers.

For 60+ years, safety has been our top priority

We continuously raise the bar on our safety standards and have implemented a proactive safety approach, resulting in a safety record spanning six decades that we are proud to share. Internally, our leadership team has made a cultural commitment to safety and re-engineered our safety processes to assure safety is paramount on our construction sites. The entire team, from our officers to the field labor, understands that it is a concentrated effort by everyone involved to make safety our number one priority.

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to present The University of Texas System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction SILVER STEP award for safety to Bartlett Cocke General Contractors…Only those firms demonstrating Safety Through Exemplary Performance achieve this recognition.

Robert R. Evans
The University of Texas

A proven process has become our cornerstone for success

It’s more than just investing time and knowledge that matters. We also invest in the latest safety equipment for our team members. That means protective head, hand, and foot gear, as well as high-visibility clothing, modern fall-protection equipment, effective hearing and respiratory protection and the latest, most advanced first aid and emergency care kits. We also take pride in:

  • Weekly Job Site Safety Meetings
  • Orientation Meetings for All Staff and Subcontractors
  • Supplemental Training Throughout the Year
  • Quarterly OSHA Classes
  • In-House Safety Officers
  • Pro-Active Insurance Company Visits to Job Sites
  • A History of Success

Unparalleled subcontractor expectations

We review the safety experience and history of claims for all subcontractors in the award process for “best value” subcontracts. We review a five-year history of the Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) of each subcontractor, looking for an EMR below 1.0 as well as a downward trend. We require each subcontractor provide the latest EMR Calculation Worksheets from NCCI and a written safety program that incorporate tool box talks and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) meetings into their normal working process.