Building For Future Generations

We make it a point to seek environmentally friendly solutions in every project we undertake. This can range from making small improvements, such as swapping in energy-saving utility controls, to building entire projects with the goal of having the least possible impact. Every day, we work hard to be the most conscientious builder we can be, and leave behind a better world.

As builders, we recognize that the Architect controls the selection of materials and building systems, so we do our part to minimize the environmental impact of construction by focusing on sustainable means and methods of construction.  We have undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Minimize area disturbed by construction.
  • Protect as many existing trees as possible (never clear cut).
  • Recycle topsoil excavated from building site.
  • Recycle jobsite waste.
  • Prefabricate to minimize waste.
  • Work with design teams to incorporate repetitive features into the design to maximize prefabrication opportunities.
  • Verify material suppliers’ certifications related to sustainability.
  • R&D on portable solar fields for jobsites’ construction temporary power.
  • R&D on local green wall design & construction best practices.

From selecting the right building materials to evaluating the life cycle cost of a facility, we are committed to guiding our clients through every step of the decision-making process to ensure that they receive the most innovative, environmentally conscious, and financially feasible solutions for their projects.

Kevin Byrd
President, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

It's More Than A Certification

Gone are the days when being a sustainable builder meant constructing one-off LEED certified buildings. Responsible building practices are no longer an option – every project must have an eye for tomorrow. Piggybacking off six decades of success, we have compiled an arsenal of best practices, which we use to assist our clients in achieving their sustainability goals. Our experienced team stays attuned to the latest developments in sustainable design and construction through both in-house training and on-the-job experience.