Inspiring Tomorrows Healthcare Leaders

The Paul Elizondo Adult Behavioral Health Clinic was as ambitious as it was astounding in its design and execution. Part facility, part commercial space, and part parking garage, the building was meant to be a beacon within the community, offering not just behavioral health services with retail opportunity and expanded parking to the area. We love when a project comes together to change the face of a community for the better, offering healthcare, commerce, and much-needed parking accommodation in an unobtrusive new facility is one great example.

The Details

At a staggering 68,607 square feet, we had our work cut out of us in building the Paul Elizondo Adult Behavioral Health Clinic. The facility was unique—we needed to bring in our best people from across all expertise due to its multi-functional design. We partnered with architecture firm Munoz & Company, whose ambitious design provided us with plenty of challenges. In the end, the facility stands as a shining example of how to build a multi-use space that benefits every facet of the public.

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