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With CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital, we were tasked with transforming their existing surgery center into a short-stay hospital. Many times, facilities are built around their purpose. We had to identify ways to convert the existing structure, workflow, and organization into something entirely new. Fortunately, our experience in construction and renovation gave us plenty of insight into potential problem areas and innovative solutions.

The Details

At the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital, we expanded the facility by 67,052 giving it an entirely new lease on life. We also renovated the existing surgery center, turning it into a modern short-stay hospital. With the collaboration of MKS Associates, Inc. we managed to not only give an existing center a facelift but expand it beyond recognition. The entire center now has an entirely new purpose, one which we’re happy to have helped to establish.

“…the construction team created a virtual working model of the new hospital which allowed…to work together to ‘see’ and resolve those coordination problems before fabrication of the ductwork even began.”

Lawrence R. Saunders, AIAMKS Associates

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