Jaw Dropping Environmental Facility

Where your work informs how you work. We went into the expansion and renovation of the Edwards Aquifer Authority with that principle in mind. Along the way, we even surprised ourselves with how harmonious this project became—we were proud to create something for the Authority that would inspire its people every single day they stepped foot into their office.

The Details

With over 44,973 square feet of construction, we had a big project on our hands when we stepped in to expand and renovate the Edwards Aquifer Authority. We worked alongside the architecture firm Munoz & Company to build something wholly unique that would create a happy work environment for the Authority. We renovated 12,534 square feet of existing office space and built an additional 32,439 square feet. Needless to say, the Edwards Aquifer Authority has had a facelift they can be proud of.

"Bartlett Cocke was instrumental in defining the scope and determining a reasonable price for the project.  The Bartlett Cocke team worked well with the EAA to compile cost information, and was very responsive in determining costs associated with various EAA requested changes through the design process.  Throughout construction, Bartlett Cocke monitored the various subcontracts to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget."

Brock J. CurryDeputy General ManagerEdwards Aquifer Authority

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