Luxury Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The North Park Lexus Dominion didn’t just need something functional—they needed something that would sell their luxury vehicles. Building a multi-use structure with a perfected blend of form and function is no walk in the park. Part sophisticated showroom, part streamlined service shop, and attractive at every angle, this project was a fun foray into aesthetics and practicality.

The Details

We were tasked with building a brand new dealership for North Park Lexus Dominion. Everything had to start from the ground up, which gave us plenty of freedom while giving us plenty of opportunities to fail! However, with the great designs provided by architecture firm McIntosh Architecture Inc., we had plenty of encouragement to succeed, which we did beyond our expectations. At 74,145 square feet, North Park Lexus’s new dealership truly is a dominion to call their own. Half showroom and half service shop, both forms meet somewhere in the middle to create a cohesive example of form and function.

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