Reaching New Heights In Bryan

Texas A&M is one of our favorite clients. They’re a proud university with deep roots in Texas history. It’s always a pleasure when they reach out to us, so when we were asked to build the Texas A&M Center for Infrastructure and Higher Education, our response was easy. We’re happy to contribute to their beautiful campus whenever asked, and this new center is no exception. Both spacious and intuitive to navigate, the new facility is a new yet impactful addition to the campus.

The Details

A 138,891 square foot facility is no walk in the park. When Texas A&M gave us their specifications for their new Infrastructure and Higher Education Center, we knew we were up to the challenge but knew that we definitely had our work cut out for us. At just three stories tall, the facility is sprawling yet easy to navigate. It’s a contemporary addition to an old and tenacious university that we’re proud to work with.

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