Setting A New Standard In Oklahoma

Sometimes, building for a petrochemical plant can be excessive—not in safety and efficiency, but in comfort and accommodation. We were given the opportunity by Valero Ardmore Refinery to build their new administrative building. The design included plenty of perks for the plant’s crew, and we were excited to have our hand in the upgrade.

The Details

For the Valero Ardmore Refinery, we partnered with the architecture firm SSOE Inc to build a brand new 41,000 square foot administrative building from the ground up. The plans included offices, a state-of-the-art conference room, fitness center, wellness clinic, and many other pieces of a giant puzzle. We enjoyed building something that we knew would improve the quality of life of the Valero employees. Plant work is hard, so it’s great to know the men and women at the plant had something they could be proud to inhabit when on the clock.

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