We're proud to have a team of seasoned industrial construction leaders with an immense amount of industry experience, including blast-resistant facilities, control buildings, research and testing laboratories, factories, office/warehouse complexes and distribution centers. Our industrial team is at the forefront of utilizing new construction methodologies and technology, allowing us to determine the best methods to develop modern facilities and renovate existing ones.


Bartlett Cocke Industrial brings over six decades of experience working with many of industrial clients along the Gulf Coast. Our capable, stable workforce can mobilize quickly, and has a depth of experience that encompasses a broad range of industrial environments and facility types. We have been able to maintain a reputation of knowledge, industry experience, dependability, quality and customer service to become one of the safest, most versatile industrial builders in Texas. Our proven track record of satisfied clients can attest to our successful performance history of safety, timely completion, cost savings and quality.

We are passionate about relationships and we take pride in being there for our clients whenever, wherever, and for whatever they need.

James AndersonChairman & CEO

How Our Clients Work With Us

1. Design-Build

Our five-star reputation comes from our unyielding commitment to delivering signature spaces that enhance our clients’ brands and exceed their expectations for quality and craftsmanship.

2. Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP)

A collaborative partnership between the owner, architect and trade partners creates unmatched communication, facilitating shared risks, increased collaboration and shares rewards among all stakeholders.

3. Negotiated Guaranteed Max Price (GMP)

Successful GMP delivery creates a clean, understandable price which requires exceptional communication, experienced leadership, full team integration, and a commitment to working collaboratively — all cornerstones of our company for six decades.

4. CM at Risk (CMAR)

We can collaborate with our building partners from the earliest stages of a project to meet our clients’ goals for quality, cost and timely delivery. Forming a cohesive team from the beginning produces the best results for all stakeholders.

5. Time and Materials (T&M)

When world class efficiency and pivots in a project are necessary, our sixty years of experience leads the way in delivering you the project you need.

Industrial Market Segment Leaders