Subcontractors are critical to the success of any project. For all of our 82 years in business, we’ve seen these companies go above and beyond, demonstrating true craftsmanship and absolute professionalism.

We credit our own success to the strong relationships forged with our subcontractors and suppliers throughout the years.

A Trusted Partner

We take pride in our ability to assemble the best teams for our clients using highly-skilled and qualified subcontractors that share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We credit much of our own success to the strong relationships we have forged with our subcontractors and suppliers throughout the years.



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Stop By Anytime

We have an open door policy Monday through Friday, and encourage all of our subcontractors to visit our office on a regular basis.

Feel free to stop by to meet our team and learn about the latest project opportunities on our electronic bid board.

Let's Work Together

Our goal is to engage qualified subcontractors and suppliers to work on projects that are successful for everyone involved. We are committed to being a good ally, and to helping ensure our subcontracting partners’ continued success — both on and off the job site. If you’re interested in doing business with Bartlett Cocke as a subcontractor or supplier, please click the button below and get started!

Start The Qualification Process

Before you get started, you will want to have the following documents in PDF form available to upload.  If you would like to review the questionnaire before starting the process, click here for a copy.

  • A signed copy of your company’s form W-9 indicating current legal name and address.
  • Sample Certificate of Insurance evidencing your current coverage limits.
  • A letter from each agency certifying your company as a small, minority, or underutilized business enterprise (if applicable).
  • Reference letter from bonding agency with your aggregate and pre-project bonding capacity along with your surety (bonding) company’s legal name.
  • OSHA300A reports for each of the last three (3) EMR periods.
  • A letter from your insurance company or agent indicating your EMR (Experience Modification Rate) history for the last three (3) years.
  • A list of current work in progress and corresponding backlog.
  • Three (3) years of financial statements and corresponding notes prepared by a third party.

Audited, reviewed or self-prepared

After you submit your bid and you are determined to be best value by our Project Team, our subcontracting process involves first, establishing a Master Subcontract Agreement.  The Master Subcontract Agreement establishes general terms and conditions.  A Work Authorization Agreement establishes project specific scope and terms.  Please review our Subcontracting forms:

Master Subcontract Agreement

Work Authorization Agreement

Although it is not required to submit your Qualification information before submitting a bid, we do require qualification information to be complete and up to date before entering into a Work Authorization Agreement for a project.

Please use the Contact buttons below to obtain documents for the Projects listed.  Please submit your bids on any of the projects with current bid openings.  Let’s build and grow together.

Current Projects

ProjectMore InfoSub Bids Due Office Type Approx. Value Contact
Blinn Rellis Campus Phase II Package 1
ETL - Cody FIfe
Amarra Multifamily
ETL - Aarron Lacey
New Braunfels ISD New Elementary School
ETL - Chris Johnson
02/16/2021San AntonioCSP25,000,000Email
Tx State Veterans Home (DFW area)
ETL - Chris Johnson
02/25/2021San AntonioCMR26,000,000Email
Hays ISD - Sunfield ES (ES #16)
Lead Estimator: Stefan Doerr

Upcoming Projects

ProjectMore InfoSub Bids Due Office Type Approx. Value Contact
Wichita Falls 2 New High Schools
ETL - Bart Rogers
PendingSan AntonioCMR210,000,000Email
Blinn Rellis Campus Phase II Package 2
ETL - Cody Fife
TAMU Brayton New Administration and Classroom Facility Package 1 Site
Lead Estimator: Cody Fife
TAMU Rellis Infrastructure Phase III-A
TAMU Brayton New Administration and Classroom Facility Package 2
Lead Estimator - Cody Fife
TAMU Rellis Ballistic Aero-Optics & Materials Facility
ETL - Greg Liggin

For questions regarding Subcontractor Qualification information, please contact us at