We proudly accepted the award for Excellence in Construction from the ABC of South Texas Chapter. The first category was in Historical Restoration, $10 to $100 million, for the Center for Health Care Services (CHCS) Paul Elizondo Adult Behavioral Health Clinic. The second category was in Institutional, $25 to $100 million, for the Cornerstone Christian Schools.

Paul Elizondo Adult Behavioral Health Clinic

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Cornerstone Christian Schools

Cornerstone Christian Schools, New NW Military Highway Campus was built to resemble institutions of higher learning and their sense of importance as well as reflect the traditional values of the school and the classic education it offers. This complete K-12 campus includes an elementary School, secondary school, field house, football field and stands, baseball field, softball field and is located 37 acres. Built of nearly a million bricks, each laid by hand, the new campus of Cornerstone Christian Schools serves 3,600 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.